Tag: Sarah McCarty

Promises Decide – Sarah McCarty

He’d be damned. Someone had been fool enough to buy the Bentley place after all. Jackson pulled up his horse and studied the betraying plume of smoke that rose above the pine trees in the hollow. Bentley had been trying to unload that place for years to no avail. And no wonder. The place was […]

Luke’s Cut – Sarah McCarty

DAMN! HE’D BEEN outmaneuvered by a man twenty years his senior. Luke Bellen leaned against a post on the front porch and observed as the distinguished, blond-haired victor claimed the spoils. The normally smooth-running Hell’s Eight Ranch was bursting at the seams with celebratory chaos. All because Hester MacFairlane had gone and married Jarl Wayfield. […]

Graham – Sarah McCarty

The ground was red with blood. The air was thick with the scent of sweat and battle. Graham’s ears rang with the rage of eleven clans being put to death for no other reason than King Robert wanted an advantage with the English. The hot summer sun shone brightly on the carnage in the field […]

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