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Reid – Sasha Cottman

Something was seriously amiss with Reid Follett’s plan. He clenched his fists tightly and swore under his breath. The Follett Plan, as he had privately dubbed it, was ironclad, infallible. A plan so cunning and cocksure he should have letters patent taken out on it. Upon arriving at whichever party, ball, or private soiree he […]

Promised to the Swedish Prince – Sasha Cottman

Erika’s teeth clattered together as the sleigh hit hard at the bottom of the dip. Tears sprang to her eyes. She loosened her grip on the top rail and attempted to wipe them away. The sleigh bounced again. She fell forward, arms flailing. A strong arm reached across her body and pushed her firmly back. […]

Owen – Sasha Cottman

The moment Lord Owen Morrison and Lady Georgina Yardley entered her bedroom, Georgina locked the door. Owen pulled her roughly to him, placing hard, eager kisses on her mouth. He was in desperate need to have her under him and writhing with passion as soon as possible. His balls were already half drawn up in […]

My Gentleman Spy – Sasha Cottman

Hattie Wright sucked in a deep breath before slowly letting the air back out. The long drop over the side of the ship to the water below was a heart-rending distance. What had seemed a plausible idea only a minute or two before; now revealed itself to be nothing short of madness. She wondered how […]

Lord of Mischief – Sasha Cottman

Eve Saunders wrapped her black woolen cloak about her shoulders and softly closed her bedroom door. “Are you ready?” she whispered into the darkness. Her brother Francis stepped out from behind a nearby pillar, a finger held to his lips. “Ssh, Papa is still awake and working in his study. If he hears us there […]

Kendal – Sasha Cottman

The early morning mist hung lazily around the tops of the trees. The sun was barely up, and it would take another hour for Putney Heath to be clear. In a small glade toward the western end of the heath was an unmarked, black town carriage. While the horses nibbled on soft tufts of grass, […]

Callum – Sasha Cottman

Callum Sharp watched as Lady Eliza Follett moved through the crowded ballroom, gifting her guests with smiles and friendly waves of her fingers. She was, as always, the perfect hostess. He waited, heart thumping, for her to look his way. When she did, the slow blink of her long brown lashes signaled to him that […]

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