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Queen of Gods – Scarlett Dawn, Katherine Rhodes

Every child knew the truth of that from the moment of birth. Whether suckling at their mother’s breast or taking their first taste from the vein, it was ingrained in all of them. Blood is life. Life began again, not as a roar but as a trickle, almost a tickle to the subconscious. I wanted […]

Marvels and Misfits – Scarlett Dawn

“Trixie! Quit setting your Fae-gifted pegasus on fire!” Grandmother Isabella barked. Her silver shoulder-length hair whipped back in the wind from her fast march across the moon-brightened field, and her silver eyes flashed with humored love. Her young features pinched as she attempted to keep her amusement hidden, waving one pointed finger right at the […]

Death of Gods – Scarlett Dawn, Katherine Rhodes

HELL. The only way to describe the pain in my leg. It burned and throbbed and bled. There was no bliss of unconsciousness for me. I didn’t understand what kind of evil this was tearing my leg apart. “Kimber?” That was Drez’s voice. I snapped my eyes open and saw I was on a litter […]

Crypts and Crimes – Scarlett Dawn

THE STENCH OF decay and death clung to my overly exhausted body. The five rulers weren’t faring any better this evening, with the scent of long-past losses saturating the royal conference room at High Pointe, destroying a part of its elegance. The peculiar Fae glow that resided within the glass ceiling during nightfall, lighting the […]

Trigger – Scarlett Dawn

“Are you going to beg again?” Logan asked. His cheeks pinched as he grinned. This man who was checking my electronic bracelet to allow me entry to the compound knew full well my dilemma. He had to listen to me complain every time I marched outside for air, after an argument with my father. “You […]

King Hall – Scarlett Dawn

Sex Education. No matter your age (sixteen or nineteen), or what school you attended (Commoner or Mystical), this class was still “are you kidding me” worthy. Knowing this as fact wasn’t difficult because I had endured Com schools from kindergarten through to my high school graduation. Even so, because of my switch to a Mys […]

King Cave – Scarlett Dawn

Elder Antonio Farrar, the closest person I had known to a father while growing up, turned his attention to the window he had my gun pointed at while echoes of warfare clashed in the air, fighting their own personal battle for loudest demand. Screams of agony. Shouts of victory. Booming explosions. Cries of the innocent. […]

Chosen One – Scarlett Dawn

I squealed as I stared into striking navy blue eyes. Black—black!—fucking curls dangling in sexy disarray around his face. A very recognizable, gorgeous as hell face. Another damn face I had known in 2035, appearing almost identical really, to the man I had eaten breakfast with. “Elder Merrick,” I squeaked, squirming away from him as […]

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