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The Rakess – Scarlett Peckham

Contrary to the legend, the night we formed the Society of Sirens did not begin as a revolt. It began, ironically, with French champagne chilling in a silver bucket. With me, wearing a new dress of scarlet silk and feeling my pulse beating in my throat as I applied the scent of bergamot to the […]

The Lord I Left – Scarlett Peckham

The London morning smelled of smoke and had the look of a sketch crudely rendered in blunt charcoal. Icy sludge dripped from sodden eaves into the rivulets of muck that passed for streets, sloshing Henry Evesham’s newly polished boots. It was an ominous morning to begin a journey. Which was appropriate, given Henry’s destination. “I’ll […]

The Duke I Tempted – Scarlett Peckham

Bloody codding hell,” Archer Stonewell, the Duke of Westmead, murmured to the midnight darkness of his deserted counting-house. Beside him a lone wax candle flickered and went out, as if in sympathy. There was no one here to see him slump, a grown man unmoored by a single slip of paper from a girl no […]

The Earl I Ruined – Scarlett Peckham

Lady Constance Stonewell awoke to a crisp spring breeze, birdsong streaming through her windows, and the sense that she was, for reasons she could not quite recall, inordinately vexed. She flopped back against her vertiginous mound of feather pillows, annoyed to be wide-awake before her customary hour of high noon. A piece of paper came […]

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