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The Venus and the Viscount – Scarlett Scott

Neville Astley, Viscount Wilton, had never, in all his years, stooped so low as to eavesdrop upon a lady. Or, as in this instance, upon ladies. Although, to be fair, one could hardly consider Lady Charity Manners a lady in the true sense, her honorific aside. Still, his excuse for doing so now was as […]

Lady Brazen – Scarlett Scott

“T LONDON, 1886 he Honorable Mrs. George Shaw,” announced the Duke of Northwich’s butler in the firm, staid tones of an impeccable retainer. Pippa tried to ignore the pounding in her heart and the heaviness in her belly as she crossed the threshold. Her palms were damp. She had been summoned to the duke’s townhome. […]

The Matchmaker and the Marquess – Scarlett Scott

T here were two universally acknowledged truths in polite society these days. The first was that country house parties were ideal for finding new bed partners, and the second was to never be caught alone with a member of the opposite sex when Lady Clementine Hammond was anywhere in the vicinity. Unfortunately for the Marquess […]

Winter’s Warrior – Scarlett Scott

It had taken three of her brother’s guards to carry the felled giant from the streets and settle him in Caro’s bed. But after he regained consciousness and began to fight, it had required five of them to help her tie the thrashing monster to the posts so she could tend him. “Bloody madman,” cautioned […]

Lady Lawless – Scarlett Scott

Concerning the matter we discussed on the eighteenth, I am desirous of moving forward. Reports which have reached me confirm my fears. There is only one solution for the problem in question, and I aim to pursue it to the greatest degree. The need to protect the future Dukes of Longleigh is paramount. ~letter from […]

Wooed in Winter – Scarlett Scott

THE MARQUESS OF Haven could tie leaden weights about his ankles and go swimming in the Serpentine for all she cared. At least, that was what Hannah thought when she saw him again for the first time since he had broken her heart. The second thing was… “What in the name of heaven is he […]

Winter’s Woman – Scarlett Scott

HER TWİN SİSTER’S mind had turned to pudding. That was the only reasonable explanation for the words that had just emerged from Lady Adele Winter’s mouth. Lady Evangeline Saltisford stared at her sister, doing her utmost to ignore the hulking monster lurking in the corner of the drawing room. “You cannot be serious, Addy.” Her […]

Winter’s Widow – Scarlett Scott

A s had become a nightly ritual, Lady Fortune was brimming with London’s wealthiest and finest females in search of diversion. Perfumed and powdered, masked and bang up to the mark in exquisite gowns, and each of them ready to wager their pin money or their husband’s fortunes on the next turn of a card. […]

Winter’s Whispers – Scarlett Scott

THERE WAS A female under his bed. Trouble, warned his instincts. A female was what had landed Blade here, in the monkery, at a cursed country house party being held by his half brother Devereaux Winter. Not this particular one, though. He would have recognized the ankles. Blade was a connoisseur of ankles. And knives. […]

Winter’s Waltz – Scarlett Scott

The Marquess of Sundenbury was not going to last more than ten minutes in the East End. Genevieve Winter was never more certain of it than when she found him seated in her chair at her desk at Lady Fortune, his polished boots propped upon her ledgers, grinning like the stupid, handsome fiend he was. […]

Winter’s Wallflower – Scarlett Scott

LADY ADELE SALTİSFORD’S virtue was a small price to pay for her brother’s life. She reminded herself of the undeniable truth of this fact as she waited for London’s most dangerous man to see her. Her hands shook beneath her silk taffeta cloak, and she was grateful once more she had not relinquished her outerwear […]

Lady Wicked – Scarlett Scott

She had returned to London. He had celebrated this decidedly unhappy event by drowning himself in Sauternes at the Black Souls club. But the wine had done nothing to quell either the ire or the ardor which had been threatening to consume him since the moment he had discovered they once more shared the same […]

Lady Reckless – Scarlett Scott

SHE WAS NOT going to go through with it. Huntingdon checked his pocket watch for at least the tenth time since his arrival, relief sliding through him. One quarter-hour late for the appointed assignation. Lady Helena must have seen the error of her reckless decision. Thank merciful heavens. His heart, which had been pounding with […]

Her Virtuous Viscount – Scarlett Scott

A BROKEN NOSE—HEALED, crooked. A diamond-and-emerald betrothal ring—returned to him by the lady he once loved. A bruised and battered heart—mercilessly abused. Wasted years in pursuit of a woman who would never care for him the way he cared for her— never to be regained. That was all Tom, Viscount Sidmouth, had left from his […]

Wishes in Winter – Scarlett Scott

THE DARK NİGHT was lit with a bevy of twinkling, ethereal stars, if one bothered to look. Lady Lydia Brownlow was the sort of female who did look. She had studied astronomy under the auspices of her late and most beloved grandpapa, and she recognized the delights of Cassiopeia and Andromeda better than most. She […]

Willful in Winter – Scarlett Scott

“WHİLE YOUR OFFER is tempting, I must regretfully decline, my lord.” Surely Miss Grace Winter, undeniably the most stubborn chit Rand had ever met, had not just turned down his proposal. No female had ever turned down a proposal he had made. Ever. Granted, his proposals were ordinarily of a far seedier nature, and the […]

Wild in Winter – Scarlett Scott

MİSS CHRİSTABELLA WİNTER was in a terrible mood. A terrible, dreadful, horrid mood. She cast a glance over her shoulder to make certain none of the guests at the country house party being hosted by her brother and sister-in-law wandered in the hall. Assured of her solitude, she crossed the threshold of the small, cozy […]

Wicked in Winter – Scarlett Scott

LADY EMİLİA KİNG handed off her gloves and hat as she returned home from paying calls, scarcely suppressing a sigh. Her acquaintances were leaving her behind, and though she did not regret the decision to remain unwed, inwardly, she could admit to a small sliver of envy. Most of her friends were marrying or married, […]

Wanton in Winter – Scarlett Scott

“I FEEL LİKE a damned Michaelmas goose,” Cameron Blythe, the Earl of Hertford, muttered, sotto voce. At his side, Rand, Viscount Aylesford, chuckled. “Perhaps you can convince one of the chits that marrying you will be good luck, much like eating the goose.” Cam surveyed the ballroom before them. Lit with at least a dozen […]

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