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Soulbinder – Sebastien de Castell

When I was seven years old, my parents unexpectedly picked my brother and me up from school. I figured something terrible had happened, but instead they presented us with two puppies. We named them Lady and Tramp, after the greatest movie of all time. In the strange way of these things, Tramp became ‘mine’ (or […]

Queenslayer – Sebastien de Castell

Shush, shush, shush, whispered the silvery snow, as soothing as a man clamping his hand over your mouth as he sticks a knife in your back in the middle of a crowded street. There were seven of us in this particular crowd, shivering on the frigid plateau high up in the border mountains. Merrell of […]

Crownbreaker – Sebastien de Castell

The old man dealt me an ace. Again. I picked it up only to let it fall face up next to the other ace and two jacks in front of me. One edge of the card landed on top a crumb of mouldy, dried-up bread stuck to the table. It lay there, tilted towards me […]

Charmcaster – Sebastien de Castell

‘I totally saw this coming,’ Reichis growled, leaping onto my shoulder as lightning scorched the sand barely ten feet from us. The squirrel cat’s claws pierced my sweat-soaked shirt and dug into my skin. ‘Yeah?’ I asked, ignoring the pain with about as much success as I was having stopping my hands from shaking. ‘Maybe […]

Spellslinger – Sebastien de Castell

The old spellmasters like to say that magic has a taste. Ember spells are like a spice burning the tip of your tongue. Breath magic is subtle, almost cool, the sensation of holding a mint leaf between your lips. Sand, silk, blood, iron … they each have their flavour. A true adept – the kind […]

Shadowblack – Sebastien de Castell

‘This isn’t stealing,’ I insisted, a little loudly considering the only person who could hear me was a two-foot-tall squirrel cat who was, at that moment, busily picking the combination lock that stood between us and the contents of the pawnshop’s glass display case. Reichis, one furry ear up close to the lock as his […]

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