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The Best Friend – Shalini Boland

It’s him again. And I’m pretty sure he’s following me. I mean, I can’t be a hundred per cent sure, but I’ve seen him here three times already this week, and he was there at the corner shop on Monday, and yesterday at the garage. ‘Mummy,’ Joe says, tugging on my arm. ‘Mrs Landry said […]

One of Us Is Lying – Shalini Boland

She slammed the car door and strode across the gravel drive, wincing as the security light momentarily blinded her. She was vaguely aware of an impending headache, not helped by the fact that someone nearby was playing inhumanly loud music. She should go and tell them to turn it down. Maybe later, because, right now, […]

The Silent Sister – Shalini Boland

I tilt my head to listen. Hold my breath. I’m sure I heard an odd sound coming from downstairs. But all is quiet. I’m in the house alone. Or at least I thought I was… Leaving my bedroom, I pause on the landing, listening… Silence. And then, again, that same irregular sound making the hairs […]

The Secret Mother – Shalini Boland

The street lamps flicker, illuminating the grey pavement mottled with patches of dirty snow and slick black ice. Slushy puddles hug the kerb, cringing away from the hissing, splashing car tyres. It takes all my concentration to keep my balance. My hands would be warmer if I jammed them into my coat pockets, but I […]

The Perfect Family – Shalini Boland

Strange – I don’t remember seeing the front door open when I came down earlier. I peer outside, frown and push it closed with a click. ‘Girls! Come on, get your shoes on, we’re going to be late!’ Moments later, my ten-year-old daughter Eva bounds down the stairs, her caramel hair tied back off her […]

The Marriage Betrayal – Shalini Boland

The three-storey terraced house perches halfway up a steep cliff road, dramatically called Scar Point. It was described by the house-rental website as a handsome Gothic villa, but as we get closer my spirits drop a little as I note the peeling paint on the window frames, the mossy steps and rusted letterbox. I hope […]

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