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A Killing Curse – Shannon Mayer

K 1 illian was alive. The heart beating under my hand was steady and strong, even if the man it belonged to seemed to be in some sort of coma. The world around me slid away for a few minutes as I stared down at him. As I let my fingers thread through his hair […]

Year of the Chameleon 3 – Shannon Mayer

“T 1 “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHEATING IN THE GAME OF SURVIVAL.” hat is exactly what your brother said . . . right before I killed him.” Frost’s words echoed through the air between us, her smile wicked, her eyes laughing at me. She’d killed Tommy. On the floor of the Shadowspell Island […]

Midlife Bounty Hunter – Shannon Mayer

The saying goes that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results was the definition of insanity. I wasn’t sure that was entirely true. I suspected that doing something completely out of the norm, something no sane person would ever consider doing, fell a bit closer to the mark. I stood, résumé […]

A Savage Spell – Shannon Mayer

What have you got today, Ernest?” his boss asked him as the man slid in through the door, silent as a stalking jungle cat. The weight of the steel door that led into the aptly named “war room” should have made some noise, yet there hadn’t been so much as a click for a warning. […]

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