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Yours – Shaw Montgomery

“He’s gay, right?” ScoĴ snorted. I didn’t need to glance over at him to picture the frustrated look on his face. “He’s in a gay bar, wearing skintight jeans, a see-through shirt, and some stud who’s probably got a hot accent just bought him a drink. What do you think?” I knew right off the […]

Mine – Shaw Montgomery

“I really don’t think we had this much stuff.” Ryan looked around at the boxes and stacks of random things that filled the room, frowning. “There’s just no way all of this is ours.” ScoĴ was nodding like he wanted to believe Ryan, but he was the more practical of the two because it didn’t […]

Love – Shaw Montgomery

“What do you think—” Ryan and I both started the sentence at the same time, chuckling as our words trailed off. Ryan sighed and turned so his back was leaning against the arm of the couch. “Let me guess—What do you think about Dare’s idea?” It was my turn to sigh. Leaning back against the […]

Bound Between You – Shaw Montgomery

“My mother said I’m supposed to put myself in your hands because I can’t be trusted to pick for myself.” Had that come out weird? The way the owner Conner was staring at me with his mouth open said I’d been awkward in some way. Taking a guess, I smiled and expounded. “The last Dom. […]

Bound for You – Shaw Montgomery

“Could you be a bigger fucking dork?” Who just randomly showed up with food and said “Date me”? I continued to mumble to myself. “He’s going to think I’m insane.” And he’d probably be right. This was all that wide-eyed sub’s fault. He just had one of those faces that seemed too earnest to question. […]

Bound to You – Shaw Montgomery

“There is nothing wrong with finding competence sexy.” SiĴing up straighter, not that it helped make me look taller, I stared at the wiggly, nearly naked man. “You asked what traits I find sexy in a man and I told you. Competence. I ntelligence. Emotional stability.” This was not rocket science. Conner didn’t seem to […]

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