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Many a Twist – Sheila Connolly

“What do you think?” Gillian Callanan asked nervously. “It’s not been easy for me to do much lately, what with the baby coming. And Harry’s been so busy trying to sort out clients that he hasn’t been around as often as I’d like. He’d like to be, I think.” Maura Donovan looked at her obviously […]

Fatal Roots – Sheila Connolly

The pounding at the front door woke Maura from a sound sleep. Did she have to answer it? She’d put in a late shift at the pub the night before, and she hadn’t planned to show up this morning until opening time. The pounding came again, and she could hear a female voice call out, […]

The Lost Traveller – Sheila Connolly

The front door of Sullivan’s Pub flew open, letting in the scent of summer and car exhaust from the main road that ran in front of the building. It was a beautiful day in June: the sun was shining and the tourists were flocking—or at least trickling—to Maura Donovan’s pub, Sullivan’s, whether it was for […]

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