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The Pawn – Skye Warren

THE PARTY SPİLLS over with guests, from the ballroom to the front lawn. It’s nighttime, but the house is lit up, bright as the sun. All around me diamonds glitter. We’ve reached that tipping point where everyone is sloshed enough to smile, but not so much they start to slur. There’s almost too many people, […]

Prisoner – Skye Warren

HEAVY BARS close behind me with a clang. I feel the sound in my bones. A series of mechanical clicks hint at an elaborate security mechanism beneath the black iron plating. I knew this would happen—had anticipated and dreaded it—but my breathing quickens with the knowledge that I am well and truly trapped. “Can I […]

Pretty When You Cry – Skye Warren

SO FAR, A city looks exactly how I thought it would—gutted buildings and dark alleys. A den of wickedness. This morning I woke up on my floor mat in Harmony Hills. Sunlight streamed through the window while dust rose up to meet it. The white walls somehow kept their color despite rough dirt floors. A […]

Hostage – Skye Warren

I SMILE WIDE for the cameras from the Franklin City Herald-Star. The shots that get into the newspaper tomorrow will show a lucky girl surrounded by her friends and her adoring parents, daughter of one of the most powerful families in all of Franklin City, at her sweet-sixteen ball. If you’re looking at them online, […]

Hold You Against Me – Skye Warren

THE MOON SİTS high above the tree line. Somewhere beyond those woods is an electric fence. And beyond that is an entire city of people living and working and loving each other. I may as well be on the moon for how close I am to them. A guard walks by my window at 10:05 […]

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