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Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – Valley of Dreams

Captain Harrison of the Ares expedition turned away from the little telescope in the bow of the rocket. “Two weeks more, at the most,” he remarked. “Mars only retrogrades for seventy days in all, relative to the earth, and we’ve got to be homeward bound during that period, or wait a year and a half […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – Tidal Moon

Bob Amherst shivered a little despite the heated interior of the autobus, but grinned none the less as he made out the frosty towers of Hydropole. He was always glad to return to the polar city, if only for the pleasure of staring up at buildings piled story upon story like those of his native […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – The Worlds of If

I stopped on the way to the Staten Island Airport to call up, and that was a mistake, doubtless, since I had a chance of making it otherwise. But the office was affable. “We’ll hold the ship five minutes for you,” the clerk said. “That’s the best we can do.” So I rushed back to […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – The Point of View

“I am too modest!” snapped the great Haskel van Manderpootz, pacing irritably about the limited area of his private laboratory, glaring at me the while. “That is the trouble. I undervalue my own achievements, and thereby permit petty imitators like Corveille to influence the committee and win the Morell prize.” “But,” I said soothingly, “you’ve […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – The Mad Moon

“Idiots!” howled Grant Calthorpe. “Fools—nitwits—imbeciles!” He sought wildly for some more expressive terms, failed and vented his exasperation in a vicious kick at the pile of rubbish on the ground. Too vicious a kick, in fact; he had again forgotten the one-third normal gravitation of Io, and his whole body followed his kick in a […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – The Lotus Eaters

“Whew!” whistled “Ham” Hammond, staring through the right forward observation port. “What a place for a honeymoon!” “Then you shouldn’t have married a biologist,” remarked Mrs. Hammond over his shoulder, but he could see her gray eyes dancing in the glass of the port. “Nor an explorer’s daughter,” she added. For Pat Hammond, until her […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – The Ideal

“This,” said the Franciscan, “is my Automaton, who at the proper time will speak, answer whatsoever question I may ask, and reveal all secret knowledge to me.” He smiled as he laid his hand affectionately on the iron skull that topped the pedestal. The youth gazed open-mouthed, first at the head and then at the […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – The Circle of Zero

If there were a mountain a thousand miles high and every thousand years a bird flew over it, just brushing the peak with the tip of its wing, in the course of inconceivable eons the mountain would be worn away. Yet all those ages would not be one second to the length of eternity. I […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – The Brink of Infinity

One would hardly choose the life of an assistant professor of mathematics at an Eastern University as an adventurous one. Professors in general are reputed to drone out in a quiet, scholarly existence, and an instructor of mathematics might seem the driest and least lively of men, since his subject is perhaps the most desiccated. […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – The Adaptive Ultimate

Dr. Daniel Scott, his dark and brilliant eyes alight with the fire of enthusiasm, paused at last and stared out over the city, or that portion of it visible from the office windows of Herman Bach—the Dr. Herman Bach of Grand Mercy Hospital. There was a moment of silence; the old man smiled a little […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – Shifting Seas

It developed later that Ted Welling was one of the very few eye-witnesses of the catastrophe, or rather, that among the million and a half eye-witnesses, he was among the half dozen that survived. At the time, he was completely unaware of the extent of the disaster, although it looked bad enough to him in […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – Redemption Cairn

Have you ever been flat broke, hungry as the very devil, and yet so down and out that you didn’t even care? Looking back now, after a couple of months, it’s hard to put it into words, but I think the low point was the evening old Captain Harris Henshaw dropped into my room—my room, […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – Pygmalions Spectacles

“But what is reality?” asked the gnomelike man. He gestured at the tall banks of buildings that loomed around Central Park, with their countless windows glowing like the cave fires of a city of CroMagnon people. “All is dream, all is illusion; I am your vision as you are mine.” Dan Burke, struggling for clarity […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – Proteus Island

The brown Maori in the bow of the outrigger stared hard at Austin Island slowly swimming nearer; then he twisted to fix his anxious brown eyes on Carver. “Taboo!” he exclaimed. “Taboo! Aussitan taboo!” Carver regarded him without change of expression. He lifted his gaze to the island. With an air of sullen brooding the […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – Parasite Planet

Luckily for “Ham” Hammond it was mid-winter when the mudspout came. Mid-winter, that is, in the Venusian sense, which is nothing at all like the conception of the season generally entertained on Earth, except possibly, by dwellers in the hotter regions of the Amazon basin, or the Congo. They, perhaps, might form a vague mental […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – Dawn of Flame

Hull Tarvish looked backward but once, and that only as he reached the elbow of the road. The sprawling little stone cottage that had been home was visible as he had seen it a thousand times, framed under the cedars. His mother still watched him, and two of his younger brothers stood staring down the […]

Stanley Grauman Weinbaum – A Martian Odyssey

Jarvis stretched himself as luxuriously as he could in the cramped general quarters of the Ares. “Air you can breathe!” he exulted. “It feels as thick as soup after the thin stuff out there!” He nodded at the Martian landscape stretching flat and desolate in the light of the nearer moon, beyond the glass of […]

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