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Stendhal – Vittoria Accoramboni

Unfortunately for myself as for the reader, this is not a work of fiction, but the faithful translation of a most serious narrative written at Padua in December, 1585. Some years ago I happened to be in Mantua; I was in search of sketches and small pictures in keeping with my small income, but I […]

Stendhal – Vanina Vanini

It was a spring evening in 182—. All Rome was astir: the Duca di B———, the famous banker, was giving a ball in his new palazzo on the Piazza di Venezia. All the most sumptuous treasures that the arts of Italy, the luxury of Paris and London can furnish had been collected for the adornment […]

Stendhal – The Red and the Black

Put thousands together Less bad, But the cage less gay. HOBBES The small town of Verrieres may be regarded as one of the most attractive in the Franche-Comte. Its white houses with their high pitched roofs of red tiles are spread over the slope of a hill, the slightest contours of which are indicated by […]

Stendhal – The Duchess of Palliano

Palermo, July 22nd, 1838. I am nothing of a naturalist, I have only a very moderate acquaintance with the Greek language; my chief object in coming to visit Sicily has not been to observe the phenomena of Etna, nor to throw light, for my own or for other people’s benefit, on all that the old […]

Stendhal – The Charterhouse of Parma

On the 15th of May, 1796, General Bonaparte made his entry into Milan at the head of that young army which had shortly before crossed the Bridge of Lodi and taught the world that after all these centuries Caesar and Alexander had a successor. The miracles of gallantry and genius of which Italy was a […]

Stendhal – The Cenci

The Don Juan of Molière is, unquestionably, a rake, but first and foremost he is a man of the world; before giving way to the irresistible inclination that attracts him to pretty women, he feels that he must conform to a certain ideal standard, he seeks to be the type of man that would be […]

Stendhal – The Abbess of Castro

We have so often been shewn in melodrama the Italian brigands of the sixteenth century, and so many people have spoken of them without any real knowledge, that we have come to hold the most erroneous ideas of what they were like. Speaking generally, one may say that these brigands were the Opposition to the […]

Stendhal – Armance

It is old and plain … It is silly sooth And dallies with the innocence of love. TWELFTH NIGHT, Act II. On his twentieth birthday, Octave had just left the École Polytechnique. His father, the Marquis de Malivert, wished to keep his only son in Paris. As soon as Octave understood that this was the […]

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