Tag: Sterner St. Paul Meek

Sterner St. Paul Meek – Poisoned Air

A telephone bell jangled insistently. The orderly on duty dropped his feet from the desk to the floor and lifted the receiver with a muttered curse. “Post hospital, Aberdeen Proving Ground,” he said sleepily, rubbing his eyes. A burst of raucous coughing answered him. Several times it ceased for an instant and a voice tried […]

Sterner St. Paul Meek – Giants on the Earth

Glavour, Jovian Viceroy of the Earth, looked arrogantly about as he lay at ease on the cushions of the ornate chariot which bore him through the streets of his capital city. Like all the Jovians, he was cast in a heroic mold compared to his Earth-born subjects. Even for a Jovian, Glavour was large. He […]

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