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Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel – Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Many tales are told of a wild and untamed vale deep in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Protected by high, rocky crags, blessed with rolling heather moors, and kissed by soft mist and the silver sheen of the sea, this fair place is known as the Glen of Many Legends. The name is well […]

Sins of a Highland Devil – Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Deep in the Scottish Highlands, three clans share the Glen of Many Legends. None of them do so gladly. Each clan believes they have sole claim to the fair and fertile vale. Their possessiveness is understandable because the glen truly is a place like no other. Bards throughout the land will confirm that the Glen […]

Seduction of a Highland Warrior – Sue-Ellen Welfonder

In the beginning of days, before Highland warriors walked heather-clad hills and gazed in awe across moors chased by cloud shadows, old gods ruled the dark and misty realm that would one day be known as Scotland. Glens were silent then, empty but for the whistle of the wind and the curl of waves on […]

Once Upon a Highland Christmas – Sue-Ellen Welfonder

The Great Hall at Duncreag Castle Scottish Highlands Winter 1398 T he Christmas thief was the wrong man. Breena O’ Doherty was too stunned to blink as she stared across the night-darkened hall at the surprising culprit. The hour might be late, but sleep hadn’t dulled her wits. Besides, there could be no mistaking Grim […]

Master of the Highlands – Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Exactly one year to the day since his sweet lady wife breathed her last, Iain MacLean’s black temper unleashed the disaster his clan had always dreaded. And now that it’d happened, neither the frantic labors of his kinsmen nor the deceptive beauty of the calm night could undo his terrible act. The damage was too […]

A Rake Like No Other – Sue-Ellen Welfonder

In a land steeped in legend and lore, few souls would doubt the existence of curses. How could they when stones were known to weep, banshees mourned the dead, green and even pink ladies floated along castle corridors, phantom pipers strolled ancient battlefields, and almost every river and loch was said to have its own […]

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