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Laird of Twilight – Susan King, Sarah Gabriel

Buffeted by wind gusts, Donal MacArthur struggled as he climbed a rocky hill in moonlight. Hunched against the chill, his plaid billowing and snapping against his trousered legs, he walked along the shoulder of the slope to face a tall concavity in the rock, shadowed black in the darkness. He reached up to grope along […]

Laird of Secrets – Susan King, Sarah Gabriel

J ust before dawn on his thirteenth birthday, Dougal MacGregor climbed a hill behind his father, whose steps were long and sure. Tall for his age, Dougal kept pace and glanced around in the half-darkness, where surrounding mist obscured the trees and rocks on the hillside. Even in daylight, the climb was risky, but his […]

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