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The Lady’s Deception – Susanna Craig

The ghost was the last straw. Lord Dashfort’s two children, still grieving the loss of their mother, had been most unwelcoming. An orphan herself, Rosamund had tried to be understanding. She’d ignored the items that had disappeared from her trunk. Shrugged away a grimace when salt had been substituted for sugar in her tea. Swallowed […]

The Duke’s Suspicion – Susanna Craig

As dark clouds rolled over the Cumbrian sky and thunder rumbled in the distance, Erica Burke discovered she had made a serious error in judgment. Several errors, in fact. The most serious error, obviously, had been leaving her journal inside the inn where they had stopped to rest the horses. She was often forgetful. Careless, […]

The Companion’s Secret – Susanna Craig

Gabriel Finch, Marquess of Ashborough, played by his own rules—one of which was never to hold his cards during a game. A fan of cards amplified the movements of a man’s hand: his nervousness, excitement, shock. Besides, staring at them had never yet forced the pips into a different configuration. In response to the dealer’s […]

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