Tag: Sylvia Mercedes

Wraith – Sylvia Mercedes

A chilling sensation stirred across the deeper reaches of her unconscious. At first it was hardly noticeable—the barest whisper, a shiver—and she was so deeply asleep that she could easily dismiss it. But the sensation intensified by the moment, drawing her unwillingly toward wakefulness. Boggarts blast it! She wasn’t ready to wake up yet. Turning […]

Thief – Sylvia Mercedes

He wouldn’t go mad. Not yet. Not tonight. His feet heavy, his shoulders bowed, the hooded man climbed the tower’s winding stair. Each step was a battle to be fought and won before he could attempt the next. A flickering candle held high created a small sphere of light around him, but darkness pressed in […]

Prisoner – Sylvia Mercedes

Bullspit.” Nelle peered into the packet of oats and frowned. She couldn’t pretend to be surprised, since it had been running low yesterday. She also knew what she’d find in the sugar, cinnamon, and salt packets: nothing, nothing, and practically nothing. “We’re in for a flavorless sort of breakfast, I’m afraid,” she muttered to the […]

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