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Shadow Me – Tahereh Mafi

I’m already awake when my alarm goes off, but I haven’t opened my eyes yet. I’m too tired. My muscles are tight, still painfully sore from an intense training session two days ago, and my body feels heavy. Dead. My brain hurts. The alarm is shrill and persistent. I ignore it. I stretch out the […]

Reveal Me – Tahereh Mafi

I’ve lost my appetite. I don’t think I’ve ever lost my appetite. But I’m staring at a perfectly good piece of cake right now, and for some reason, I can’t eat it. I feel queasy. I keep tapping the cake with the tines of my fork, each time a little harder, and now it’s halfcollapsed […]

Imagine Me – Tahereh Mafi

In the dead of night, I hear birds. I hear them, I see them, I close my eyes and feel them, feathers shuddering in the air, bending the wind, wings grazing my shoulders when they ascend, when they alight. Discordant shrieks ring and echo, ring and echo— How many? Hundreds. White birds, white with streaks […]

Defy Me – Tahereh Mafi

She’s screaming. She’s just screaming words , I think. They’re just words. But she’s screaming, screaming at the top of her lungs, with an agony that seems almost an exaggeration, and it’s causing devastation I never knew possible. It’s like she just—imploded. It doesn’t seem real. I mean, I knew Juliette was strong—and I knew […]

Whichwood – Tahereh Mafi

just Laylee doing all the washing. Maman had died two years prior (a cockroach had fallen in the samovar and Maman, unwittingly, drank the tea; it was all very tragic), but Laylee was not afforded the opportunity to grieve. Most ghosts moved on after a good scrubbing, you see, but Maman’s had lingered, floating about […]

An Emotion of Great Delight – Tahereh Mafi

The sunlight was heavy today, fingers of heat forming sweaty hands that braced my face, dared me to flinch. I was stone, still as I stared up into the eye of an unblinking sun, hoping to be blinded. I loved it, loved the blistering heat, loved the way it seared my lips. It felt good […]

Unravel Me – Tahereh Mafi

The world might be sunny-side up today. The big ball of yellow might be spilling into the clouds, runny and yolky and blurring into the bluest sky, bright with cold hope and false promises about fond memories, real families, hearty breakfasts, stacks of pancakes drizzled in maple syrup sitting on a plate in a world […]

Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

I’ve been locked up for 264 days. I have nothing but a small notebook and a broken pen and the numbers in my head to keep me company. 1 window. 4 walls. 144 square feet of space. 26 letters in an alphabet I haven’t spoken in 264 days of isolation. 6,336 hours since I’ve touched […]

Ignite Me – Tahereh Mafi

I am an hourglass. My seventeen years have collapsed and buried me from the inside out. My legs feel full of sand and stapled together, my mind overflowing with grains of indecision, choices unmade and impatient as time runs out of my body. The small hand of a clock taps me at one and two, […]

Fracture Me – Tahereh Mafi

“Addie? Addie, wake up. Addie—” I roll over with a groan and stretch, rubbing both eyes with the heel of my hand. It’s too early for this shit. “Addie—” Still half asleep, I grab James by the collar and yank him down, shoving his head under the blanket. He shouts and I laugh, wrapping him […]

Destroy Me – Tahereh Mafi

I’ve been shot. And, as it turns out, a bullet wound is even more uncomfortable than I had imagined. My skin is cold and clammy; I’m making a herculean effort to breathe. Torture is roaring through my right arm and making it difficult for me to focus. I have to squeeze my eyes shut, grit […]

Furthermore – Tahereh Mafi

The sun was raining again. Soft and bright, rainlight fell through the sky, each drop tearing a neat hole in the season. Winter had been steady and predictable, but it was quite poked through now, and spring was peeking out from underneath it. The world was ready for a change. The people of Ferenwood were […]

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