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Tempt Me, Your Grace – Tamara Gill

Miss Avelina Knight, Ava to those close to her, tightened the girth of her mount, and checked that the saddle wouldn’t slip whilst hoisting herself onto one stirrup. With a single candle burning in the sconce on the stables’ wall, she worked as quickly and as noiselessly as she could in the hopes that the […]

Hellion at Heart – Tamara Gill

Hallie sat at the breakfast table with her papa, reading over the latest articles that had come out of Egypt and the wonderful finds of the ancient land that had been buried for thousands of years. She sighed, looking out the window at the dreary, wet morning, dreaming of the heat, the sand and culture. […]

Dare to Be Scandalous – Tamara Gill

Willow raced up her aunt’s stairs, having been summoned back from her daily ride at Hyde Park. Sweat pooled on her brow, and she could feel it running down the line of her back beneath her gown. It was too soon. This day could not be the end of her aunt. She ran as fast […]

A Midsummer Kiss – Tamara Gill

Miss Louise Grant folded the last of her unmentionables and placed them into the leather traveling case that her closest friend and confidante the Duchess of Carlton—Mary to her close friends—had given to her as a parting gift. Louise slumped onto the bed, staring at the case, and fought the prickling of tears that threatened. […]

A Kiss in Spring – Tamara Gill

Sophie Grant dozed halfway between asleep and awake as the carriage continued on north, heading toward a small fishing village near the Isle of Skye. She’d never been to Scotland before and after this arduous journey, she doubted she’d ever go again. How far away could this little seaside village be? Even so, they’d been […]

A Kiss at Mistletoe – Tamara Gill

Lady Mary Dalton, eldest daughter to the Earl of Lancaster jiggled her fishing pole, having felt a rapid jerk of her line. Too slow to catch the fish, she left her line in the water hoping to feel another little nibble and possibly reel in a nice-sized carp or bream for Cook to prepare for […]

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