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The Awakening – Tamara Leigh

Beware the Delilah, my son. Beware the Jezebel. That warning again, ever near though it did not belong in the space between this young woman and him. She was no Delilah. No Jezebel. Were she, his mother would not have chosen her to wed the heir of Lexeter. She was pure, younger than he, and […]

Nameless – Tamara Leigh

Y PROLOGUE Normandy, France Spring, 1067 ou are baseborn. Despite my every effort to remedy that beyond our walls, it cannot be undone. No matter how many masses a man attends, no matter how many prayers he prays, in the absence of much effort to change his heart, he will act in accord with that […]

Merciless – Tamara Leigh

The battle was done. England was on its knees. And in the space between horrendous loss and brazen victory, a new day breathed light across the dark. But no beautiful thing was it, that splayed wide to the eyes more terrible than the moon had revealed and the ripening scent forewarned. Bloodlust that had gripped […]

Fearless – Tamara Leigh

Danger. With each drag of her hem over dirt, through blood and other things heretofore unimaginable, it seeped into this bodily vessel, filling eyes, nose, mouth. Danger. It chilled, making her soul a quaking thing desperate to catch hold of the unsullied hem of the Lord. Danger. It pressed in on all sides, sweeping over […]

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