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Taming My Christmas Rogue – Tammy Andresen

LORD ANDREW MADDOX sat in the tavern staring with bleary eyes at the wench currently bent over his table. She poured him more ale, enabling him to look down her dress at her ample…endowments. He grimaced and then, for some odd reason, hiccupped, as though he was new to drinking and unable to handle his […]

Taming an Unrepentant Earl – Tammy Andresen

Captain Harold Maddox stood on the docks near his Dover home and looked up at the cliffs he’d admired since childhood. Drawing in a deep breath, he filled his lungs with summer sea air. He was home. Taking a few steps down the dock, he winced as pain shot through his hip. He touched the […]

Taming a Wicked Rake – Tammy Andresen

Lady Madeline Maddox held the folded note in her hand, afraid to breathe. Excitement and a touch of fear slithered down her spine. He’d sent her another. Maddie raced out to the garden and sat upon her favorite bench, the smell of spring flowers perfuming the air. Birds chirped and bees buzzed as spring came […]

Taming a Defiant Duke – Tammy Andresen

Lord Barrett Maddox, Marquess of Devon sat behind his father’s desk in his London townhome, surveying the endless stack of papers in front of him. Reports from architects, stewards, complaints from land owners, and who knew what else piled atop the desk, barely allowing him to see over the confounded litter. To his right, stood […]

Taming a Christmas Wallflower – Tammy Andresen

LADY AMELİA CHASE stood exactly where she always stood at these sort of events… against the wall. Her mother, Countess Witherford, gave her an exasperated look of disapproval. Even from this distance, she could see her mother’s sigh of frustration. And she could hear what her mother was likely saying. “Amelia is pretty enough, almost […]

Scottish Devil – Tammy Andresen

FİRE AND BRİMSTONE…THAT is what the locals called him. It was their way of referring to him as the devil. Let them fear him, he cared not. Stone Sinclair’s eyes slashed through the crowd daring one of them to say it here and now. He squared his shoulders and his neck made a cracking noise, […]

Rogue Scot – Tammy Andresen

Matthew Sinclair stood at the helm of the lead ship and watched the wind whip a froth on the ocean’s surface, the grey sky adding an ominous hue to the water. A January storm was coming. He signaled the sailor up in the eagle’s nest. “Raise the storm flag,” he yelled. In this way the […]

Never Trust an Errant Earl – Tammy Andresen

LORD SİRİUS RENWALL, Earl of Clearwood, stood at the back of the ballroom as morning light streamed in through the windows. The rays sparkled off the glass, casting a glow about the room in a lovely way that was unusual for January. This place was the perfect setting for a wedding, he grudgingly admitted, as […]

Never Kiss an Earl at Midnight – Tammy Andresen

VİCTORİA STOOD WATCHİNG HER SİSTER, Cristina, hold the hand of her new husband. It was their wedding breakfast and she had never seen Cristina happier. Tears of joy sprang to her eyes, as her sister gave Sirius Renwall, Earl of Clearwood, a glowing smile that lit her entire face and pulled at the apples of […]

My Wicked Earl – Tammy Andresen

Lady Daffodil stood in front of the stove and willed herself not to shed tears. Not that anyone was there to notice. Well, her brother, Jacob, would see that she cried but he wouldn’t judge her. He’d most likely think any drops of liquid leaking from her eyes had been caused by all the smoke […]

My Laird’s Seduction – Tammy Andresen

LADY AİNSLEY MCDOUGAL stood on the drive of her cousin’s estate and watched the approaching guests, her neck craning so she could get a better view over the shrubbery that lined the drive. Finally something of interest was going to happen. At least she’d hoped it was about to. Anyone could be arriving in that […]

My Earl’s Entrapment – Tammy Andresen

WİLL SAT next to the window, his head resting on a high wingback chair, watching the moonlight cast shadows on the garden below. Its flowers were in full splendor and the light danced with the petals of the rose vine that grew up the garden’s wall. He closed his eyes for a brief moment and […]

My Duke’s Desire – Tammy Andresen

Theo stood on the deck of The Summerset staring into the fog. He bent his neck from side to side, causing it to give several menacing cracks. The sound suited his mood. If he were still in Barbados, he would be watching the sun set, a breeze cooling his warm skin. He looked at his […]

My Duke’s Deception – Tammy Andresen

MATTHEW TİPPED his glass of whisky back and finished it in a single swallow. His third in as many minutes. Any moment now the burning liquid would begin to numb the fresh wave of loss he’d felt before coming to the Kicking Horse Tavern and Inn. He scrubbed his face with his hands several times. […]

Meddle in a Marquess’s Affairs – Tammy Andresen

Lord Reginald Baluster, Marquess of Highwater, sat in the overstuffed chair of the public gentlemen’s club wondering for the fifth time in as many minutes why in the bloody hell Max had dragged him here. “Are you going to tell me what we’re doing, Your Grace?” Max Longley ignored the question, not even looking at […]

Marquess of Malice – Tammy Andresen

Malice, as his friends fondly referred to him, sat on a bench in the garden of the Chase family home, staring at the newly emerging spring flowers sprouting from the ground. His name was Lord Chadwick Hennessey, Marquess of Malicorn, but no one had called him by his given name since his mother had given […]

Make a Viscount Beg – Tammy Andresen

LADY ADELAİDE DUCAT stood upon the steps of her family’s Dover estate as the late winter fog swirled about her. Its ominous grey tones suited her mood, as did the quiet that the thick air brought. The past two months had been a whirlwind in her family that left her head spinning. All four of […]

Luring a Lord’s Love – Tammy Andresen

Arianna pulled her green cloak tighter about her head, tendrils of her auburn hair threatening to catch the breeze and escape from its heavy cover. She couldn’t allow that to happen as her bright locks might give her away. Today, she was particularly glad to have finally retired the red riding hood she’d worn for […]

Lords of Scandal – Tammy Andresen

SMOKE and the sound of male laughter permeated the air, making a thick curtain about the table. This was the best part of the evening, as far as Jack was concerned. The crowd of drunken ne’er-do-wells had finally gone home. Now he and his friends sat about counting the money. A large pile of coins […]

Kilted Sin – Tammy Andresen

William Sinclair rode toward the loch, the fall wind biting at his skin. Not that the cold mattered. He had every intention of dunking himself in the near-freezing water. He liked the feeling of that bite on his flesh. He wasn’t a masochist, but freezing water was a reminder that he was alive and well, […]

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