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Zhiruto – Tamsin Ley

L 1 ora poured two glasses of champagne and offered one to the blue-skinned man sitting across from her at the table. Stars glittered overhead, and a few couples were dancing in front of the stage where a live band played. She had to give Georgie credit—the alien charity auction had so far been a […]

Iroth – Tamsin Ley

K 1 eeping his Iki’i shielded so any nearby Kirenai couldn’t identify him, Iroth adjusted the formal human clothing covering his matrix and took a moment to gather his senses. Using the teleport always left him woozy, and the transportation web around Earth had obviously been set up in a hurry, without the usual buffers […]

Arazhi – Tamsin Ley

G 1 eorgie flinched as the black lab on her grooming table shook water from his fur. The big oaf was one of the lucky ones headed to the feed store for adoption day, and she’d volunteered to help groom and transport them from the shelter. She wiped her glasses off on her sleeve and […]

Bewitched Shifter – Tamsin Ley

M C H A P T E R O N E usic from the bar shook the sidewalk under Ashlyn’s feet as she waited for the bouncer to check her ID. She’d let her new hair stylist talk her into “mermaid hair,” and the pink and blue color seemed to make people think she was […]

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