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Wrong Turn – Toby Neal

AUNTY ROSARİO NARROWED her eyes at her niece and adopted daughter, twenty-one-year-old Lei Texeira. “You’ll be careful? Mexico can be dangerous.” “Too careful, like I always am,” Lei snorted, rolling a T-shirt neatly and tucking it into her duffle bag. “Glad I have Kelly to loosen me up.” Rosario fussed with a row of bird […]

Wired Strong – Toby Neal

PİM WAT STARED at her reflection in the mirror. She was supposed to be meditating. The Master wanted her to learn to manage her emotions, her mind, her body. And technically, she was meditating—on the ruin of her once beautiful face. One eye was higher than the other, because a broken cheekbone hadn’t been set. […]

Wired Ghost – Toby Neal

LOOKİNG for a runaway teen living with meth cookers, especially during a massive volcanic eruption, was probably not a good idea. But it was too late now. They were committed. Sophie Smithson grabbed the sissy strap to stabilize herself as the Security Solutions SUV, driven by her partner, Jake Dunn, bumped across a black rock […]

Burnt Road – Toby Neal

The sound of rioting was still far off, but Dante Luciano’s sensitive ears brought it close: the crash of breaking glass, the yelling of the lawless, the rending of metal, and even the crackling of flame. He wished for the noise-canceling headphones he usually wore, but there was no shutting out the apocalypse that the […]

Wired Fear – Toby Neal

Revenge was best seasoned with anticipation. Akane Chang opened the locked metal box his cousin handed him. His favorite weapons lay nestled in dense foam: a combat blade in a scabbard, a sleek Ruger 1911 semi-auto pistol with a box of ammo. He took the knife out of the box and drew it from its […]

Wired Courage – Toby Neal

Discipline was beautiful, even when it hurt. Pim Wat stood on the stone balcony of the temple overlooking the courtyard. Rows of acolytes, dressed identically in black cotton gi, practiced before their master. The crisp movements of the closely-guarded martial arts routine were already embedded in her own muscle memory, and if she’d joined the […]

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