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The Duke is Wicked – Tracy Sumner

Dying was going to be easier than he’d imagined. Sebastian Fitzgerald Tremont plunged his hand through the thin layer of ice and into the frigid fountain. Biting his lip until he tasted blood, he closed his eyes to the pain, his body shifting from hot to cold and back again so quickly he felt faint. […]

Tempting the Scoundrel – Tracy Sumner

T he girl captivated him from first sight, fascination a delightful little shiver along his skin. As she had every night he’d been in residence, she huddled in the veranda’s dark corner, book in hand, an oil lamp illuminating the page she brought close to the tarnished glass globe. A housemaid, she read in secret. […]

Chasing the Duke – Tracy Sumner

She wasn’t chasing a duke ever again. Never, ever, ever. Camille Bellington yanked a dangling thread from her sleeve and blew a breath that anyone who heard it would excuse as refined from her lips. She couldn’t believe he’d been invited. She knew precisely why he’d been invited. Camille sent a penetrating stare down the […]

The Rake is Taken – Tracy Sumner

Finn had two choices. Which wasn’t dreadful, as he often had none. Trust the word of the men waiting in the alley outside his lean-to. Or run. When he’d spent all nine years of his life running. Dodging misfortune, grasping hands, chaotic dreams, and thoughts not his own. There’d been a life before. He had […]

The Lady is Trouble – Tracy Sumner

ALLOWİNG the lady to lure him into her carriage had been a brilliant idea. Julian Alexander stared at a spider crack in the ceiling of his Mayfair townhome and wondered when he might start to believe it. He could presume encountering a former lover outside Hatchards on an otherwise lonely evening was a fortuitous event […]

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