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The Footman and I – Valerie Bowman

Lucas Drake, the fifth Earl of Kendall, was foxed. But only foxed, not an entire three sheets to the wind. And he should know. He spent more than a decade in His Majesty’s Royal Navy. Lucas knew precisely how dangerous a situation it was to have three sheets to the wind. The sheet controls the […]

Mr. Hunt, I Presume – Valerie Bowman

Lucy Hunt stared at the looming stack of letters that sat on the writing desk in front of her. She shook her head. “How in the world am I to go through all of these?” Her husband, Derek, the Duke of Claringdon, strolled up behind her to peer over her shoulder. “What are they?” “Inquiries […]

Kiss Me at Christmas – Valerie Bowman

Lady Regina Haversham’s thirtieth birthday was precisely one month away, which didn’t leave her much time to lose her virginity. Not that she wanted it lost. She wanted to know where it went and choose to whom she gave the dratted thing. Her coach came to a stop in front of the offices of the […]

Duke Looks Like a Groomsman – Valerie Bowman

Rhys Sheffield, the Duke of Worthington, was having a fine evening. True, that all his evenings were fine, as they usually included drinks with friends and then a jaunt to Hollister’s gaming hell where he usually lost a small fortune in the span of a few hours. Tonight, he was enjoying the drinks-with-friends portion of […]

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