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Three Weeks with a Princess – Vanessa Kelly

Lia Kincaid adored Stonefell Hall during the Christmas season, despite the fact that it was the time of year she was most likely to be barred from the place she considered home. As she gazed down at the baronial splendor of the great entrance hall, now festively adorned with swags of evergreens and bay leaves, […]

The Highlander’s Princess Bride – Vanessa Kelly

“I never meant to kill him. Not for the most part.” Victoria Knight hesitated, because honesty compelled her to make the hideous admission. “For just a second, I probably did wish him dead,” she added. When Sir Dominic Hunter and Aden St. George exchanged knowing glances, Victoria grimaced. “I know that makes me an awful […]

The Highlander Who Protected Me – Vanessa Kelly

In the spare winter moonlight, she glowed with a beauty that lit up the corners of Royal Kendrick’s battered soul. He felt alive again. Lady Ainsley Matthews also possessed a lethal wit, one famed for sending even the most arrogant popinjay slinking off to the nearest corner. But to Royal, she was perfect, like a […]

The Highlander’s Christmas Bride – Vanessa Kelly

The edict was delivered in a tone of mild regret, completely at odds with the appalling effect it would have on her life. “But . . . but you cannot just kick me out,” Donella Haddon stammered. “What the devil would I do with myself?” A spasm crossed Reverend Mother’s dignified features. “Remember where you […]

The Highlander’s English Bride – Vanessa Kelly

Graeme Kendrick lurked beneath the giant elm, keeping his prey within sight. After losing the slippery Sassenach a few hours ago, he’d spotted the bastard climbing over the wall that separated Kensington Gardens from Hyde Park. He’d surely earned that bit of luck. Graeme had spent the last month stalking the wiliest criminal gang to […]

My Fair Princess – Vanessa Kelly

The man who’d murdered her stepfather was finally in her sights. Unfortunately, he was still beyond her rifle’s range. Gillian Dryden breathed out a curse that would have had her grandmother boxing her ears. They would need to get much closer to the bandits before taking a shot. “You didn’t learn that dainty expression in […]

A Hero’s Guide to Love – Vanessa Kelly

The Archer Mansion London, 1813 “This is the worst idea you’ve ever had,” Clarissa moaned. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into wearing this scandalous gown! I look like a demi-rep on display at Covent Garden.” Her best friend, Lillian, Lady Montegue, gave an irritated huff. “Nonsense. You look absolutely beautiful. That dress […]

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