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Bringing Heat – Viola Grace

Idalia finished bringing her group of huffing tourists to the main floor of the lighthouse, and she smiled. “So, as you can see, you had to be fit to head up and down those steps every day, and it makes sense that the most common deaths for lighthouse keepers were falls.” One of the teachers […]

I Dated a Supervillain – Viola Grace

Zera got up at five, got dressed, and prepared to go running, just like she did every morning. She knocked on Susara’s bedroom door and paused when it swung open. Her message unit was blinking. Zera walked over to the unit and pressed the activator. Susara’s voice came to her, slurring and giggling. “Zera, today’s […]

I Dated a Hot Assassin – Viola Grace

Khytten felt the blood dripping from her mouth and temple. They hauled her dazed body into a warehouse and dropped her on the floor. “Come on now, little cow. Get up. We want some answers about what you are.” A hand fisted in her hair and pulled her up to a kneeling position. She hissed […]

I Dated a Deadly Auditor – Viola Grace

Gorith stood in the headquarters of the Barnacorn crime family, holding the crime boss above his head. “Where. Is. She?” There were choked and gurgling noises from the crime boss before he gasped, “Gone.” “Where?” “Escaped!” He started sobbing. The peacekeepers and team members were around him, and Hron spoke softly. “Set him down, Gorith. […]

Touching Water – Viola Grace

Lydra clung to the safety railing at the edge of the roof and looked down at the pulsing and churning waves. “So, the only way here is by air.” Her cousin, Mirdok, nodded. “Yes. This is a secure facility. How did you get them to agree to your visit?” “Ah, I have excellent grades and […]

Sky Breaking 301 – Viola Grace

Imara was curled up on the couch, doing some advanced reading for her next round of courses when Reegar wandered by. “So, your familiar is taking up hobbies?” She blinked and stared at the spectre. “Yeah, he said he wanted to do something with his spare time. Why?” “I had to help him with the […]

Maid in Stone – Viola Grace

“Kiala, get me some greens from the garden.” Kiala hopped down from the stool she had been sitting on and headed outside while her mom continued to knead the bread. The herbs and plants tickled her legs as she skipped through the garden with the collection basket. With a smirk, she picked her favourite greens […]

Unexpected Sting – Viola Grace

Stiila Rosos completed her workout and unhooked her feet from the ladder before dropping lightly to the mats. “Stinger. Stinger. Come here, and check this out.” The gym attendant’s whisper pointed her toward the new member straining in the machine and nearly maxing out the weight available. She smiled and looked at the fit blonde […]

Missing the Night – Viola Grace

Nessa put hot sauce on her taco and looked at her cousin. “So, when is the wedding?” Meredith smiled. “Ten days away. Why have you come to the city?” Nessa smiled at her cousin’s redirect of the conversation. “Oh, you know. Time to visit the folks.” “Your father is still well?” “He is. My mother […]

Cracked Control – Viola Grace

Addy huddled in the back of her cage, and she hoped that she wasn’t picked for experimentation that day. She really wasn’t up to it. “Hey! Addy. I am guessing it is nearly Christmas at home.” The prisoner from next door called out. Kelly had been next to her on the shuttle that was approaching […]

Dragon Undone – Viola Grace

“Thank you, Aelemilial. This is working very well.” Aeli smiled. “I am glad. The cream is one of my own concoctions.” Matron Callow leaned in. “What is in it? A little magic?” Aeli laughed. “Maybe, but mostly it is beeswax, grapeseed oil, and peppermint with a bit of vitamin E. Your rough skin will remain […]

Dragon Astray – Viola Grace

The fist came at her head, and Trin didn’t duck. She deflected the attack and struck her opponent with an uppercut that knocked it back. Rish staggered back and shook her head before flexing her jaw and grinning. “Very good. Let’s take a break.” Trin nodded and inclined her head. “Would you like some tea?” […]

Bride of the Witch King – Viola Grace

Viika balanced and lunged at the lesser demon who was sparring with her. He tsked and sidestepped her attack. “Mistress Viika, you are still too impatient when attacking. Give your opponent a chance to show his hand.” She growled and struck out with her leg, colliding with his kneecap, and when he stumbled, she pressed […]

The Bastard Dragon – Viola Grace

Trin grinned at the barista who had just arrived to begin his shift. “Running a little late, Tobias?” Tobias blushed slightly and hung up his coat. He rolled up his cuffs and tied on his apron. “The rain slowed the traffic.” She pulled the handle of the steamer and leaned back as the cloud of […]

Stealth Magic 401 – Viola Grace

Doing push-ups in the living space with forty pounds of books on her back was not the way she wanted to be caught by Argus. “You are supposed to read them.” She kept going through her set, and muttered through clenched teeth, “I know, but I got bored with that, so I am trying osmosis.” […]

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