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Sins of an Intoxicating Duchess – Violet Hamers

Lady Selina Drake peered out through the window of her father’s landau, which was taking her from her father’s estate in Hertfordshire, to her uncle’s home in Colchester, a two days’ journey by carriage. The shiny black carriage was pulled by a perfectly matched pair of Norfolk Trotters. On the pale-blue velvet seat across from […]

Let There Be Desire, My Duke – Violet Hamers

Evelina looked on as her younger sister, Diana, twirled in the baby-blue dress she would be wearing for the first appearance of her debut Season. “Well,” she smiled at Evelina, “what do you think?” Evelina and their mother both rose from where they were seated on a settee across the room. Their mother had actual […]

Forbidden Desires of a Seductive Duchess – Violet Hamers

Now that Nemesis had gotten a taste for killing, a plan had begun to form. The list of names, upon whom the murderer wished to get revenge was long. Five gentlemen, all of whom had wronged the murderer over the past few years. Since most of the gentlemen on the list were comfortably ensconced at […]

Conquered By the Ravishing Duke – Violet Hamers

T he break of dawn was always the best time of day. The kiss of the soft sunlight against the curtains, casting an ethereal glow through her bedchambers always made her smile. Belle couldn’t help but to take a moment and appreciate it, basking in the silence and peace that it brought with it. That […]

A Ravishing Lady for the Rebellious Marquess – Violet Hamers

K enneth Curtis, the Marquess of Walsrock, sat in his study pouring over several bound papers. It was about noon and the heat of the day was approaching its peak. The drapes had been pulled aside and the windows opened, resulting in a gentle breeze wafting into the study and keeping the room cool. Still, […]

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