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A Cowboy’s Christmas List – Vivian Arend

T 1 he air surrounding Yvette Wright alternated between comfortable and refreshing, the crisp winter wind sliding over her shoulders every time someone opened the door at the Buns and Roses coffee shop. The last sip of her caramel macchiato lingered on her tongue, sweet yet refreshing. Christmas carols floated on the air, along with […]

A Rancher’s Love – Vivian Arend

Twenty-two years ago, July, Silver Stone ranch ucker Stewart stood silently beside his uncle Ashton, hands shoved into his pockets to keep from wiggling as he waited to be dismissed. Every time he arrived for his annual summer visit, they went through this same ritual, and while it wasn’t getting any easier, at twelve years […]

High Seduction – Vivian Arend

A low buzz of propellers settled in his ears, then inched down his spine like an eerie warning. Timothy Dextor planted his feet a little more firmly on the gravel. He leaned on his truck door and stared upward, waiting for the first glimpse of the chopper to break through the low December cloud cover. […]

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