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Ten Kisses to Scandal – Vivienne Lorret

Today was the day. Briar Bourne knew it the instant her feet slipped into the cool confines of her lucky ivory slippers and a zing of breathless exhilaration scurried through her. In a matter of an hour, she would have single-handedly launched the family business into greatness. The ton would soon be buzzing with excitement, […]

Lord Holt Takes a Bride – Vivienne Lorret

Asher Holt jolted awake as a woman’s soft, warm body landed hard against his hips. Grunting from near castration, he shifted her lush figure to the left. “Easy now, sweets, or my Thoroughbred will never leave his stall.” He blinked groggily up at a pair of wide hazel eyes, studying the peridot green irises rimmed […]

Just Another Viscount in Love – Vivienne Lorret

Gemma Desmond stopped at the pond’s edge and stared down at the horrid stain on her white muslin dress. By the look of the large oxblood-colored smear and trail of splotches, she might have slaughtered the wine-soaked pear instead of merely dropping it on her lap. And the poor fruit had put up quite a […]

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