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King of Avalon – Vivienne Savage

SMOKE TAİNTED the air and filled it with the scent of rot and decay. To avoid sucking in the sour and acrid taste, King Arthur took shallow breaths while he crouched behind the cover of a dumpster. No matter where they went, with exception to the great wilderness and stretches of open space between cities, […]

Sigurd and the Valkyrie – Vivienne Savage

The tiniest tomb in all of the Ridaeron Dynasty sported a single column of text wishing its inhabitants peace and an afterlife without the pain they’d known on earth. Atop the slender column, a lone Valkyrie stood with her sword, watching over those three little souls. Brynhildr wondered if they would be allowed to take […]

Tal-Amun – Vivienne Savage

N 1 ia straightened from her uncomfortable angle over the microscope and rubbed the small of her back. Another dead end. She’d thought they were so close to finally figuring out the right formula. “Back to the drawing board,” she muttered to the empty lab. Everyone else had gone back to the habitation dome hours […]

Bet-Nawa – Vivienne Savage

SVETLANA SLİD her fingers over the holographic display. One swipe adjusted the smooth terrain into steep hills and mountains, another increased the skillset difficulty of the constructs below. The next cranked the temperature and humidity to match the moist environment of an inhospitable-to-humans planet inhabited by an equally vicious alien species. The atmosphere and temperatures […]

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