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My Captive Highlander – Vonda Sinclair

The twenty-oar birlinn sliced through the rough waters off Scotland’s west coast. The cool wind lashing at him, Shamus MacKenzie glanced up at the dark clouds hovering over the gray-violet sunset. A storm was fast approaching. His oldest brother, Cyrus, Chief of Clan MacKenzie, had sent him and his two brothers, Dermott and Fraser, along […]

Highlander Entangled – Vonda Sinclair

“You cannot force my sister to marry you!” Kristina MacQueen yelled at Blackburn MacCromar, a hulking warlord with long black hair. Candlelight glinting off the metal studs in his leather armor, he stood beside her sister, Suzanna—or Anna, as she was better known—in the small chapel before a priest. Dark brows lowered, Blackburn glowered at […]

Highlander Besieged – Vonda Sinclair

Chief Cyrus MacKenzie, the newly titled Earl of Stornmor, had looked forward to this day for years. ‘Twas the day he would meet the ideal young lady to become his bride—the daughter of a powerful marquess. Cyrus’s sister, Isobel, and her husband, Dirk MacKay, the Clan MacKay chief, sat across the table from him in […]

Defended by a Highland Renegade – Vonda Sinclair

Angus, Scotland, June 1619 Sitting at the high table, Lady Mairiana MacKerrick frowned. She was listening to her fiancé, Alec Lindsay, as he murmured to the young guard who hovered about on the other side of his chair. “Meet me in the stables in a half hour.” Alec’s voice was barely audible to Mairiana over […]

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