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Scandal in Spades – Wendy LaCapra

Giles Everhart Langley, third Marquess of Bromton, tenth Earl of Strathe, and twelfth Baron Langley, ignored his friends Lord Farring and Lord Rayne. Instead, he studied Lord Markham, the most recent addition to the rakish quartet better known in gaming hells by their card-suit sobriquets—Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts. Markham’s omnipresent smirk vanished, and his […]

Mrs. Sartin’s Secretary – Wendy LaCapra

MRS. AMELIA SARTIN POSED AT the glittering center of Lady Darlington’s soiree—part participant, part spectator, enthralled by the pageantry and, at the same time, restless within. Her turban’s peacock feather fluttered as she nodded along to her friend Lady Constance’s Bond Street Rodent Shopping Tale—a story Amelia had heard before. Unthinkable to interrupt, however. Beastly […]

His Duchess at Eventide – Wendy LaCapra

WİND WHİPPED CAPTAİN Lord Cheverley’s improvised sail against his raft’s mast. Salted sea-spray stung his lips and gusts roared in his ears. Using his shoulder, he wiped rain from his eyes and then re-wedged the paddle between his left arm and leg. Thighs straining, he gripped the groaning rudder. He hadn’t survived the unspeakable—seven years […]

Heart’s Desire – Wendy LaCapra

Percival Stanley, the fifth Earl of Markham, discerned the faint scents of rose, jasmine, and lavender in the sweat-thickened air of Lady Darlington’s ballroom. Any soiree given by the Duke of Shepthorpe’s eldest daughter was bound to be a crush; this one was no exception. Silks rustled, candlelight flickered, and laughter harmonized with strains of […]

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