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The Lady’s Forbidden Love – Wendy Vella

“Why are we walking past this place again?” “We haven’t walked by here lately, have we?” Daniel Dillinger schooled his features to appear confused as he looked at his sister. “How can you not remember walking by the Duck and Goose Tavern three times in the last week?” Kate looked annoyed. “It may be dark, […]

The Lady’s Dangerous Love – Wendy Vella

“Primrose Ainsley would make an ideal wife for you, Ben.” “I don’t want a wife, Phoebe.” Benjamin Hetherington fought the urge to loosen his necktie at his sister-in-law’s words, but as his arms were currently trapped by the women at his sides, he could do nothing but endure their lectures. “But she is perfect, Ben. […]

The Earl’s Encounter – Wendy Vella

Viscount Haddon raised his collar as he entered the graveyard. It was cold enough that his breath formed white puffs of air, and mist clung to him as he walked the well-worn path. Rows of headstones veered left and right, and beneath were the bones of hundreds who had reached their final resting place. He […]

Tempting Danger – Wendy Vella

“Move, you fool!” Had the Marquis of Braithwaite not been deep in thought, he would have heard the warning. Instead, Nicholas’s reaction was delayed, and seconds later he was travelling sideways at speed. He came to an abrupt halt against the side of a building. His grunt was one of pain as his shoulder hit […]

Sensing Danger – Wendy Vella

England 1818 “He’s home you know, him up there in that bloody great castle. Two weeks and we’ve not had one sighting!” Miss Eden Sinclair pretended to tug her earlobe and then forced the small plug of wax in tighter. Old Mrs. Radcliff tended toward yelling when she was excited, and Eden’s hearing was excellent—in […]

Seeing Danger – Wendy Vella

“Seems a carriage has hit a cart, my lord, filled with—ah—” “Filled with what, Bids?” Devonshire, Sinclair, prompted his driver through the opening above his head. “It’s a sort of—um—mess, my lord.” “A sort of mess?” Dev smiled at his driver’s obvious reluctance to use the word shit in his presence. He listened as Bids […]

Seductive Danger – Wendy Vella

K ate Sinclair burrowed deeper into her thick scarf as she took the track down the cliff to the beach below. It was steep and winding, but she’d walked it before with her cousins. Wind howled, and sea spray dabbled her face the lower she got. Gulls cried, the sound catching on the wind as […]

Lords of Night Street Collection – Wendy Vella

Grace wanted to scratch her wrists. The stiff lace the seamstress had put around the cuffs was chafing. In fact the whole dress was uncomfortable, and it was not made better by her corset, which was laced so tightly she felt light-headed. Grace didn’t like corsets, and usually instructed her maid to tie it so […]

Lord Valorous – Wendy Vella

The Hen and Duck was a small tavern with two mullioned front windows and a large sign with a hen and a duck engaged in what appeared to be some kind of reel. Snow flurried around his ankles as Viscount Hatherton made his way carefully down the icy path to the dark-stained front door. Come […]

Lord Noble – Wendy Vella

The Marquis of Vereton entered the ballroom at a slow, steady pace, like he did most evenings. Fashionably late, Leo was in no rush to join the other guests. He glanced left, then right, then walked straight ahead. He nodded, smiled when he saw someone he actually liked—a rarity—and continued on. With three weeks to […]

Enchanting Rogues – Wendy Vella

February 18, 1828, Coast of Cornwall The ship lurched beneath Hannah’s feet, and the small box containing her jewelry flew out of her hands as her shoulder hit the wall of her cabin. Her mother’s emerald and diamond necklace sparkled as it tumbled out of the box, random shafts of light catching the stones as […]

Duchess By Chance – Wendy Vella

Bedfordshire, England, 1794 Spencer Winchcomb watched the Duke of Stratton slowly place his hand on the table before him. “Dear God!” The peer slumped back into his chair as Spencer laid the last card. A fierce gust of wind rattled the windows, yet neither player flinched, keeping their eyes trained on the cards. The small […]

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