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Viperous – Yolanda Olson, Jennifer Bene

I’ve been staring out the windshield for the past thirty minutes in a daze. I got back to Mesa about an hour ago, but I’m parked a street over from my house turning everything over and over in my head for the hundredth time. The shit that I just went through fucked with me more […]

Strangers – Yolanda Olson

I SMILE as I put my blood-stained fingers against my mouth. I part my lips gently, snaking my tongue out, and lick the copper tasting fluid from the tip of my finger. He leans against his window, and I can see the grin creeping across his lips. He likes it when I’m blood-stained, freshly fucked, […]

Stealing Virtue; A Dark Anthology – Yolanda Olson

If you’re hungry for an omelet, Jack, cracking eggs isn’t optional.” My old man imparted this wisdom to me, right after I watched him fire his regional vice president over Sunday brunch. Then he smiled, wide enough for me to see his silver capped tooth, and went back to reading the Wall Street Journal. I […]

Noxious – Yolanda Olson, Jennifer Bene

I roll the toothpick from one side of my mouth to the other, then lean back in my chair. “Let’s make a real bet for this hand,” I challenge Willa, a smirk creeping across my lips. She raises an eyebrow at me over her cards before she places them on the table and folds her […]

Mephitic – Yolanda Olson, Jennifer Bene

“What?” The sound of shock in my voice is enough to draw Lakyn’s attention away from Aftyn. He gives me a sidelong glance, the grin growing tight on his lips before he runs a hand back through his hair and shrugs. “What?” he echoes, his eyes becoming hard and stern. His visage tells me that […]

Kiss Me, Kill Me – Yolanda Olson

I’VE LOOKED in the window longer than I should have, and I feel even more useless than the woman inside. He’s been beating her for the past half an hour, and she’s smiling and seemingly telling him to hit her harder. At least that how’s the situation presents itself, because each time she attempts to […]

Inferno – Yolanda Olson

EVERYTHİNG MAKES SENSE NOW. Why I’m here. Why it had to be me and no one else. I’m okay with it; as okay as I can be, anyway. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I am enduring, so I’ll gladly take everything he has to offer and praise him the […]

Bad Habits – Yolanda Olson

IT’S DARK. It’s always dark when bad things happen. But I close my eyes and pray. Mommy says praying is good, and the man in the clouds will look after me. So, I do it every night. It’s cold tonight, and I don’t know when Mommy will come home. I know I’ll hear her when […]

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