Young Love Strikes Again – Mimi Barbour

Brent’s nerves were shot. All night, he’d counted the hours and minutes for when he could whisk Shyla away from the ceremonies at their graduation dance. Once their favorites had been crowned and they’d had a few waltzes so she could show off her pretty dress, they hung out with their group of friends for a little while, and all he could think about was getting her alone. Tonight was the night! They’d agreed they could be together all the way and had waited to make it special. Over the last months, it had been painful wanting her so badly and yet stopping when she’d draw the line and say no. Earlier in the week, she’d whispered her promise that on graduation night she’d love him fully. Trying not to behave like some horny neanderthal by grabbing her hair and hauling her out of the decorated school gym, he’d put on an act he didn’t think he had in him. Clinging to his patience, he played his role and stuck close by her side. Now the time had come; things had wound down in the late hour, and he could broach the subject of leaving without sounding too pitifully anxious… which he was. They could move on to the best part of the night. During every minute of the evening, they’d been aware of their coming plans. Dancing together held undertones of sexual behavior they’d always kept under control. But tonight, it was as if they both knew what they would be doing later, and so normal rules were ignored. When they moved to the music, she rubbed up against him in such a way as to let him know her willingness. They kissed so many times, he couldn’t handle much more foreplay.

He’d had to take care of himself earlier in the men’s room after a particular steamy dance and was ready to be alone with her now… more than ready. He’d rolled around in his bed many nights, fantasizing about proceeding to the next step, and prayed he’d remember everything he’d learned about pleasing a female. Purposely, he stayed away from the drugs and liquor all his friends had snuck in, having just a couple of beers to last all the hours they’d been here. Shyla admitted to refusing to go along with her girlfriends when they snuck off to the bathroom to smoke weed or pass around various bottles. She’d admitted how her friends had teased her about their actions tonight, but she’d taken the banter and didn’t let on that there was anything unusual. Hell, most of them had lost their virginities at much earlier ages. The fact that she hadn’t should be on Breaking News. When they’d made the decision that the graduation dance would be special, they’d both agreed tonight would be their secret and their plans would stay between them… a time to remember when they grew old together. They were so in love that nothing could keep them apart. And the waiting was killing him. Finally, he saw her staring at him in her it’s-time-to-leave look, and he broached the subject. “You want to go? No one will miss us now.” “You’re sure your parents went to the lake and the house is empty?” “Yep. I called Mom earlier. They were on their way.

” “Okay, let’s go now. I can’t wait to be with you any longer.” He kissed her, snuggled her close, and turned in the direction of the parking lot. “Me too.” His voice broke with emotion. If the truth were known… fear had surfaced also. Fear that he would screw up and make mistakes. And he meant that literally. They drove to the back door and spent some time in the car making out, building up the passion until he almost wept with the joy of knowing that soon, they’d be taking the final step. “Are you ready, baby?” “Lord in heaven, Brent. I’ve been ready all night. Just knowing we’ve made this decision has flipped the switch for me. You have the condoms, right?” “Yep, right here in my pocket and there’s more in my room. We’re safe.” Hesitating, an impudent, sexy look on her face he’d never seen her wear before, she teasingly lowered the top part of her dress and showed him her naked breasts that gleamed in the light from the streetlamp.

Her mischievousness was such a turn on, he didn’t know if he could make it upstairs to his room. Her voice sounded low, husky with desire. “A little view of what’s to come.” “You gorgeous little monkey. God, you’re beautiful.” He quickly reached out and pulled the straps up again, kissed her mouth in a way to let her see how she’d affected him, and sprinted from the car to go around to her side and help her out. “Come on, we have a party for two that needs to get started before I lose my mind.” Once she stepped onto the driveway, her soft blue dress flowing all around her, he picked her up and loved the way her arms circled his neck. Her faith in their intentions and her trusting behavior made him feel ten feet tall. Once they’d reached his room, self-consciously, he opened his door and hoped she’d like the twinkle lights he’d attached all around his bed and the way he’d left the room as inviting as possible. He’d snatched some of his mom’s smelly pink flowers from the garden, Gertrude Jekyll roses she called them, his favorites if the truth were known, and had placed them in a vase on his night table. Their fragrance had drifted around them and added to the romance of their evening. He’d even made his bed with the fresh sheets his mother had left for him last week with instructions to clean his room… for God’s sake. He carried her inside and slowly lowered her to her feet so they were hugging each other tightly, rubbing their bodies in the same way they had on the dance floor, but this time knowing they didn’t have to stop. They kissed, their mouths drawing so much emotion from the other that Brent thought his weakened knees wouldn’t hold him much longer.

He’d told himself so many times that he needed to keep his cool, go slow, not rush anything. It was the night they’d both lose their virginities, and it needed to be special. He’d scoured everything he could about the first time for a girl and now felt fully prepared. He had packets of protection, he’d take his time, and they’d have a night to remember for the rest of their lives. Pulling away, he reached for the zipper on the back of her dress, his voice a whisper, “I don’t want to tear it off, but I will if we don’t get rid of it soon.” Giggling, like sixteen-year-olds tended to do in stressful moments, she turned to make it easier for him and slid the straps off her shoulders. He crouched down to help her step out of the filmy material and saw that all she wore were skimpy lace panties. He gulped and shakily rose to his feet. Her nakedness now so blatant, she twisted around and flung her arms around his neck. “Kiss me.” Understanding she was shy, he kissed her with longing and petted her back, keeping his voice low. “Don’t be scared. I promise to be careful.” “I’m not scared. I love you, Brent.

You know that. We’ve waited so long to be together. Hurry, get undressed.” Ripping his fancy shirt off and feeling a few of the buttons tear, he managed to get out of the tuxedo pants without any damage. By the time he’d gotten to his boxers, he saw that Shyla had snuck under the covers, and he joined her there. Slipping under the comforter, he reached for her, and the next kiss blew his mind into smithereens. They melted together, naked breasts to muscled chest, legs entwined, and heat flaring like a crazed wildfire. Their desperate kisses drove them to a place where no rational thought could breach. They had built up their sexual needs all night and now they were finally able to let go… be together. Wrapped close, rubbing their bodies against each other’s, striving to be as one, they both gasped with joy, panted with hunger, and urged each other to heights they didn’t know awaited. Loving her with every part of him, moaning pledges of forever, petting warm silky skin, caressing her throat, kissing inviting lips, touching places never before explored, pushing, whimpering, entering wet heat… screaming joy when they were finally united… that’s what happened. His beautiful Shyla had been everything he’d ever dreamed of… her adoring tenderness all he’d ever want. There were no moments of hesitation… only unbearable passion. Protection had been the last thing on their mind. Chapter One Sixteen years later… “Say again?” “I’m in trouble, Dad.

If you’d stop banging that hammer, you’d be able to hear me.” Only Brent James didn’t want to hear the words that snuck through. With the breath knocked out of him, he dropped the tool and leaned his head on his arms using the wall to lean against. He knew by the look on his sixteen-year-old son’s face this trouble wasn’t a small thing. This was big. Letting his gaze fly to the open window, he dawdled, explored the trees he found himself gazing at many times during a busy day, procrastinating for as long as he could. That beautiful forest full of life put the crazy world into perspective for him somehow. Finally, he stopped wishing himself anywhere but here at the new house he was building on the outskirts of Portland and slumped to the ground. Then he patted the floor next to him invitingly. “Tell me.” “You’re gonna be mad.” Mathew dropped beside him and surprisingly reached for his hand. Okay – that hadn’t happened in a long, long time. Brent stiffened his back, preparing himself to hear news he wasn’t going to like. Matt’s terrified expression had warned Brent.

Primed to listen, he tightened his fist around the younger man’s sweaty fingers. “Spit it out, kid. Can’t be that bad.” When he saw his sixteen-year-old son’s body shake, and he dropped his head to his chest slowly like an old man with a heavy load, he faced the fact… they were in deep shit. Because whatever situation Matt found himself in, it meant they would both have to deal with the outcome. That’s the way things worked in his family. “Speak, Matt. Because you holding back is just pissing me off.” “Daisy’s pregnant.” The silence dug deep and became the pool he could float in for as long as possible. Once he acknowledged that he’d heard those words, he’d have to deal with them. The same way his parents had dealt with those words he remembered blurting out when he was Matt’s age. Sixteen! Jesus! Now he knew how his parents had felt. Like the world had stopped, and their next words would either make or break the bond they’d painstakingly built all his life. Before he could utter a sound, Matt began babbling, his voice reedy and sounding scared.

“Daisy told me this morning, Dad. She’s terrified. Her mom isn’t like you or gramma. She’s mean and a manhater, especially after her father started up with another woman. Her mother beat on him and kicked him out, and Daisy is terrified the same will happen to her.” Brent still didn’t say anything. He’d known from experience the best way to get Matt to share is to let him have the floor, sit back, and wait till he’d run out of steam. Besides, with his tongue glued to the top of his mouth, it made speaking impossible. “We were careful, Dad. Like you always warned me. Use a condom. I did on both occasions. And Daisy said she was a virgin. At the time, I believed her. We haven’t seen each other for months… because, in the end, we didn’t get on too well.

She’s like, kind of ahh… quiet, you know sad and depressed a lot. But when she asked to talk to me today, I said yeah, sure. Then she told me.” Matt finally looked at Brent. “Dad?” “Go on.” Matt’s hand clutched tighter. “The doctor says she’s passed the date when she could have an abortion. Not that for us it would be an option, and I told her that too. I manned up… like you did with me. I told her I’d keep the baby if she didn’t want to. And Dad…?” That’s when Matt ran out of words. When his voice broke, and he began to cry. Leaning his head against his best friend’s arm, Matt showed his youth and his fear while trying desperately to be strong. Still, Brent didn’t say anything. He knew Matt hadn’t finished yet.

He’d wait. With his heart breaking inside, all his dreams for his son shredded by those painfilled words – Daisy’s pregnant – he let the bile in his stomach settle and the lump in his throat dissolve. Hiding his tightened left fist under his bent leg, he waited. And he wasn’t disappointed. “God help me, Dad, I know you’ve worked so hard to be able to send me to engineering college.” Sobs weakened Matt’s voice. “Okay, I’ll be truthful. It’s what I wanted too. But there’s a baby coming… my baby… and I can’t turn my back on it and still call myself a man. You didn’t.” Matt was crying seriously now, his voice hard to distinguish. “I have no other choice.


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