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The Marquess of Temptation – Claudia Stone

Never marry for love, Hestia. Love only works in fairy tales.” This was the sage advice that Hestia Stockbow’s mother, Georgina, imparted to her almost daily, for the whole of her childhood. “Love won’t heat your home,” Georgina would grumble mid-winter, when a damp chill permeated their small, stone cottage on the Cornish coast. “Or […]

The Duke of Ruin – Claudia Stone

London had been sweltering under an unforgivable heatwave since the middle of May. In elegantly appointed ballrooms across the capital, women stood perspiring delicately, whilst cooling themselves with folding fans, which had undergone a sudden resurgence in popularity. The menfolk fared less well, as fans were a female contraption, and red faced males were seen […]

The Duke’s Bride in Disguise – Claudia Stone

Alastair Fairfax, Sixth Marquess of Havisham, was not afraid to admit that he loved his wife– even if it was most unfashionable to do so. What he was afraid to admit to—out loud at least—was that he loved her more than his three sons. Oh, don’t think that he did not adore the three strapping […]

The Captain of Betrayal – Claudia Stone

I know that it has been many years since we last spoke, and I know that you would prefer this silence between us to stretch on a few years more—if not for an eternity. Alas, I do not have many years left. In fact, I fear that lately I have been measuring time in far […]

Tamed By a Duke – Claudia Stone

Brandon Michael Drew was born into a family that had, for at least two centuries, been on the rise — financially speaking at least. The beginning of the family’s ascendancy into wealth had begun in Holland, during the Dutch Golden Age, when Brandon’s great-great-grandfather—a shoemaker by trade—had made his fortune by cashing in on the […]

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